Important Notice

The changes we have attempted to make on the site stopped being visible as of 3/20/21. We have attempted to update the site various times (Repeater Elements) but nothing is working so we have decided we will be switching to in 2023.

This message is to let you know that the site is outdated and we do not currently offer all of the services displayed on the main page. To make this clear, we do not offer/provide any "Extra Services" or  "Pressure Washing". We originally had these here because we were ready to acquire a Specialty Contractor License, but instead decided to not pursue the license. The only sevices we are capable of are "Window Cleaning", "Gutter Cleaning", "Roof Cleaning", and "Solar Panel & Sign Cleaning".

I am truly sorry about this and I understand it can be confusing. Anyways, the new intuitive and simple web app will be released in 2023! See you then